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Types of Online Business You Can Start Without Capital

Types of Online Business You Can Start Without Capital

Practically anyone who has a computer can create his own online business. You don’t
need a big amount of capital, technical expertise, a master degree in business, or a know-
how to build websites. You simply need to find your own niche, set up a website and sell
product or service.

Consider these types of online business:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Select a niche that will drive profits to your online business. Search for affiliate partners
who sell products for the niche you created. Examples are the Amazon and Clickbank.

As an affiliate partner, you offer their products on your e-commerce or blog site. The
unique link for each product tracks back to your account with them. When a site visitor or a
client clicks the affiliate link and purchase the product, you get a commission fee. You can
earn from 5-25%, and 50% above when you are able to sell digital information products.

2. Drop Shipping

An online drop shipping business works by listing the products on your own website or
post them on market platforms like the Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. Once your customers
purchase a product, you purchase it from the supplier at a lower cost. Then, your supplier
will send the product directly to your customer.

3. Blogging

Earn while blogging. Find your niche or a subject that interests you most. Start a free blog
then eventually, buy the domain and secure your own hosting.

You make money through content marketing or with the following:

  • Google AdSense- These are the pay-for-clicks ads that appear on the blog. You earn a
    few cents when your visitors click the ad.
  • Affiliate Marketing- You get a commission from your affiliate partners.
  • Blog ad networks – Run banner ads of ad networks and you get paid for every click.

Earning is easy with an online business. The key is to find a niche market and keep
abreast with the latest trends in the social media. Use the information to grow your blog or
e-commerce website.

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